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S & G Water Conditioning
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Commercial Conditioners

We can create conditioners and dealkalizers with timered, metered, alternating or multitank controls up to 3,000,000 grain capacity.

​Timer initiated regeneration controls are ideal when your water use is consistent.The system is programmed to regenerate at a preset interval.

Meter initiated regeneration controls count down the gallons of water treated.When the meter zeros out, the system will regenerate during off peak use.


Alternating Meter Control twin conditioning tanks have one unit on line at any time. When the meter zeros out, the standby unit goes online and the exhausted unit is regenerated with treated water from the online unit, then placed on standby. (available in 1" and 1.5" porting to 48 GPM) providing an uninterrupted flow of conditioned water.



Multitank Control Systems are interconnected controls on multiple conditioning tanks.When the regeneration process is initiated by timer, meter, or sensing device, the conditioning tanks are regenerated in an alternating or sequential sequence providing uninterrupted flow of conditioned water to your use. These systems can be configured to provide over 4,000 GPM.

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